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About us


The ESYS Foundation was created in October 2007, result of the social commitment of companies with different converging security sectors to improve this one in society.

MISSION: To develop an interdisciplinary field based on topics related to security and the enterprise, through research studies, dissemination forums, training activities and creation of a broad evidence base.

VISION: To contribute to decisions on security matters of public and private institutions, promote the creation of a corporate culture based on effectiveness, efficiency, the responsibility, respect and solidarity in order to provide an ethical and social approach in the world of security and company.



The main Objectives of ESYS collected in their statutes include:

  • To inform, disclose and create opinion between public and private agencies of megatrends in the security field to provide the actual daily life of citizens and to improve the quality of life of the society in general.
  • Investigate and create knowledge on the issues that do improve safety and that directly affect the confidence in the markets, businesses and people.
  • Collaborate with public and private organizations with initiatives that promote the right to security and duty to make safety a right.
  • Create a organizational culture since an ethical and social approach in business, against deliberate, technological, informatics, environment and labor risks.


The most important areas of activity of the Foundation ESYS are:

  • Organization of specific groups of experts, researchers and contributors, from both companies, as universities and other institutions.
  • The development of activities that will benefit the security of citizens, as well as services that provides businesses with special attention to those sectors in which the companies and institutions are implemented participating in the sponsorship of the foundation.
  • Forums, seminars, conferences and observatories about the area of security.
  • The development of research works, formative programs, counseling and consulting activities.